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what is your favorite number from 1 to 31?

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oh, to be made of an abstract elastic material that can stretch, bend, and pass through itself, but which cannot be ripped or punctured without destroying me, and which cannot be creased, or bent sharply

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Who remembers when Mac OS X had these amazing intro videos? 😍

@DosFox is this "smc bypass mode" or its own thing?

apparently Scavengers Reign is on american netflix now so any american-netflix-havers who haven't watched it yet should go remedy that immediately; it's incredibly cool and beautiful


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Me and 1neila1 made a weird experimental golf-like platformer-like, which you can get for free on itch


@Nifflas oh and btw this was all in CrossOver, for anyone else on macOS (presumably Linux too) without easy access to Windows. didn't run into any issues at all.

@Nifflas omg, so cool!! didn't "get" the streamer thing at first but it grew on me, really creative and some very funny moments, immediately went back for a second run in the "highscore" mode too and it's a satisfying (tricky) game on its own as well, nice work!!

going to stop procrastinating trying Ynglet now 😅

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why is everyone posting the OSX Leopard wallpaper?

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Beautiful women texting me named Disk Not Ejected Properly

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very interesting that the cops who have never in their lives helped someone get their stolen bike back seem to know nothing about the steps bikers have to take to keep their bikes safe in the city

"fixed" (read: removed a capacitor and replaced the display) an 11" macbook air, used for a couple days, now every other laptop feels huge and cumbersome wtf

this is too old for meaningful work (4gb ram, haswell), but if i find an 8gb broadwell one...

was this the perfect form factor all along??

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Delta — the app that started it all — is available NOW in the App Store!

Yes, you read that right: our long-rejected game emulator has been approved by Apple themselves 🍎

If you live outside the EU, download now from the App Store — no DMA required

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@eb i can't think of a definition of "sandwich" which includes subs while excluding hotdogs

😲 when the computer refers to me in the way i specifically configured it to

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Beware of geeks bearing gifts. When prison-tech companies started offering "free" tablets to America's vast army of prisoners, it set off alarm-bells for prison reform advocates - but not for the law-enforcement agencies that manage the great American carceral enterprise.


If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


@platkus @siracusa @brentsimmons @stroughtonsmith not sure if it'll work, but setting it in the specific app's domain (defaults write com.the.apps.CFBundleIdentifier) worth a try?

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alright it took the better part of my weekend but I finally back-ported Mastodon to iOS 4

ended up being a broken connection between an 8.6v line and this resistor connecting to a chip which (i think) makes some of the cpu voltages. the water/corrosion probably shorted it to ground (e.g. right side of the capacitor directly below) and burned the trace?

not completely sure, but it was lifeless until i soldered the wire, and now works perfectly!

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finally managed to fix the water-damaged 2015 MacBook Air 😁 thanks to dosdude1 for the boardview and extreme patience with my questions!

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